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Wild Delight Sizzle N Heat Suet

Wild Delight Sizzle N Heat Suet

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  • Blended with beef suet, grains and roasted peanuts, it’s specially formulated to attract wild birds.
  • With added chili peppers, a known squirrel deterrent, to prevent intruders from eating the suet.
  • Provides wild birds with a tasty, high-fat energy source to keep them going, right from your backyard.
  • No-melt formula can stand up to the outdoors through any season, and comes in an easy-to-open tray.
  • Perfect for attracting suet-eating birds like woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, starlings, blue jays, northern flickers, wrens, warblers, and more.

Keep your hangry birds satisfied and squirrel-free with the Wild Delight Sizzle N’ Heat Suet Bird Food. This advanced formula is made with beef suet and corn, roasted peanuts and oats to attract a variety of wild birds like woodpeckers, nuthatches and other suet-loving birds. The formula also has chili peppers in it to prevent squirrels from taking over your backyard feeder. Thanks to the high-fat formulas, it’s a great energy source for wild birds, and doesn’t melt so it can stay outside throughout any season. Plus, it comes in an easy-to-open and recyclable tray.

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