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Tribute Kalm-N-Ez Gc Plus

Now with MSM! (Methonylsulfonylmethane) a naturally occurring organic sulfur source shown to down-regulate inflammatory markers. Supplies 5,000 mb. of MSM per day when fed as directed.

MSM supports joint health, range of motion, improves respiratory symptoms caused by seasonal allergies and promote hoof health

Contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin Sulfate and MSM

No corn or molasses to keep the sugar and starch levels low in your horse's diet

Higher fat, highly digestible fiber and lower sugar & starch for calm performances without loss of energy or condition

Essential amino acids for muscle maintenance

Essential organic minerals support normal bone and tissue maintenance

Essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6) required for the support of normal tissue function and healthy skin and haircoat

Higher levels of Essential vitamins E and C, as well as selenium- important antioxidants, effective in reducing damage to the body tissues from aging and exercise (enhancing immunity)

Excellent for hard-keepers and horses requiring less sugar and starch in their diets, like those that are hyperactive or have metabolic conditions such as insulin resistance, laminitis, ulcers, obesity or tying-up issues

With Equi-Ferm XLTM a microencapsulated active dry yeast; acts as both a pre-and probiotic. Increases total diet digestibility and improves overall gut health.