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Tendergreen Mustard Seeds

Tendergreen Mustard Seeds

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"Tendergreen" Mustard Seeds - Heirloom Mustard Seeds "Spinach Mustard"

Also knows as "Spinach Mustard", "Tendergreen" is an heirloom mustard with a mild flavor that can be used just like spinach.  Heat and drought resistant, "Tendergreen Mustard" seeds can be planted virtually in any zones.

When to plant:

  • In the Spring, plant your mustard green seeds outside about 3 weeks before the average last frost date.
  • If you are doing successive plantings to get a longer harvest, keep planting about every 3 weeks during the Spring.
  • If you want a Fall harvest, plant the seeds in mid-late Summer.
  • Mustard greens are a cool season crop so they don’t do well in the Summer heat.

How to plant:

  • Plant your mustard green seeds in an area with full sun or partial shade for best results.
  • Plant them about 6 inches apart, ¼ to ½ inch deep.
  • Mustard greens need plenty of water to thrive, so keep an eye on the rainfall to ensure that the greens don’t look wilted.

When to harvest:

  • Harvest your mustard greens when the leaves are tender and young.
  • If you want to harvest the entire plant, cut all of the leaves.
  • For a stronger, more bitter taste, allow the leaves to grow longer.
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