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Protein Plus by Backwoods Premium Wildlife Products is more than just another feed; it's a cornerstone for comprehensive herd management. Our newly formulated alfalfa-based Protein Plus is meticulously crafted to foster the full potential of your deer herd. This feed is a powerhouse of nutrition, not only accelerating antler growth in bucks but also providing essential nourishment for does and fawns. It's designed to enhance overall herd health, vitality, and reproductive success. For optimal results and a well-rounded dietary regimen, we recommend using Protein Plus in conjunction with our Protein Plus Block. With this enhanced alfalfa formula, Protein Plus stands as a testament to our commitment to superior herd management and cutting-edge wildlife nutrition.

1. Alfalfa-Based Formula: A rich, nutritious alfalfa foundation ensures high-quality feed and increased palatability.

2. Enhances Antler Growth: Specifically formulated to maximize antler size in bucks, contributing to trophy quality.

3. Supports Overall Herd Health: Provides essential nutrients for the well-being of does and fawns, ensuring a healthy and thriving herd.

4. Delicious and Nutritious: The tasty formulation encourages higher consumption, making it a preferred choice among deer.

5. Complementary Feeding: Ideal for use with our Protein Plus Block for a comprehensive feeding strategy that covers all nutritional needs.

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