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Hydro Glow Fishing Light Green

Hydro Glow Fishing Light Green

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The FFL12 Floating Fishing Light is perfect for small boats, kayaks, canoes and pier/dock fishing. It features durable Arcel foam for floating the light on the surface. The 4 energy efficient, 3 watt, Cree LEDs will emit a broad beam of light attracting bait and predator fish alike. Simply deploy the light on the waters surface with the light facing downward, connect the clips to any 12v power supply and start fishing. Features such as Energy efficient, durable and very bright will make this light a fishing necessity.


Body Material: Arcel EPS (USA) +Aluminum housing
Power Supply: 12vdc battery
Illumination: 4pc Energy Efficient 3w Cree(USA) LEDs
Cord length: 20 Feet with alligator clips
Colors: white, green,
Lumens: 900
Warranty: 1 year
Application: Surface floating
Conditions: Freshwater or Saltwater

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