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Dwarf Essex Rape Seeds

Dwarf Essex Rape Seeds

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USE: Rapeseed is the forerunner of modern canola varieties. 'Dwarf Essex' is an extremely palatable, high-energy, high-protein forage crop for winter grazing by livestock and deer. Fast germination and growth also make this ideal for weed suppression, reducing surface compaction, and winter cover.

CULTURE: Rapeseed grows well in a wide variety of soils and is moderately tolerant of saline soil conditions. It prefers a well-drained soil with a pH range of 5.5-8.3. Rapeseed is a winter annual best established in late summer through mid fall. It will tolerate cooler temperatures better than hot ones. Do not allow to go to seed the following spring if not winter-killed, as it will become a weed problem.

SEEDING RATE: Sow ½-¾" deep. Broadcast at 8-14 lb./acre or drill at 5-10 lb./acre.

HARVEST: Use as a forage crop for winter grazing, or plow under in springtime before flowering.

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