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Domino Sugar 4lb

Domino Sugar 4lb

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Satisfy the sweet tooth of every guest with this Domino granulated sugar! Also known as table sugar or white sugar, these sugar crystals are ideal for all purposes, from table use to cooking, and from preserving homemade jams to sweetening beverages. Its fine consistency is perfect for sprinkling atop the rim of margaritas and bar cocktails!

Whether baking delightful fruit pies or blending creamy milkshakes, sugary treats are profitable additions to your menu that are hard to resist! Offer sugar on your tabletop, allowing guests to apply just the right amount to their hot drinks as the fine crystals quickly dissolve to sweeten coffee or tea. Packaged in a convenient 4 lb. container, this sugar is perfect for refilling tabletop containers or back of house use!

With sugar being a staple for most kitchens, Domino prides itself on producing the best sugar in the nation. Owned as part of the world's largest refiner of cane sugar, each Domino sugar product is guaranteed to be the best in quality for all of your sweetening needs. A brand to trust, Domino sugar is sure to please!
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