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Channel Catfish 100

Channel Catfish 100

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Max Length: 50 inches
Max Weight: 40-50 lbs
Lifespan: 15-20 years
Stocking Rate: 300-500 per acre

Channel Catfish are North America's most numerous catfish species. They are among the most liked table fish and grow very fast. If fed regularly they can reach 2 lbs in a years time at which point they can be harvested. Channel Catfish do very well in ponds. They are typically restocked as they are removed (every 1-2 years). They are normally unsuccessful at reproducing in ponds due to bass, bream, and other catfish consuming their young. If bought for commercial use, they can be stocked in numbers ranging from 5000- 7000 per acre. Channel Catfish are great biting fish for fisherman and do very well in aquaculture type scenarios. These are the only Catfish we recommend in a pond or small lake.

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