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Black Jersey Giant Chick

Black Jersey Giant Chick

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The Black Jersey Giant chicken was originated in Burlington County in the State of New Jersey during the 1880’s. A good heavy breed but slower to grow than some breeds before surpassing them in weight and size. They are slow to mature and have a poor feed/weight conversion, which explains why they aren’t popular as a commercial broiler, although they were popular in the late 1800’s for chickens for meat. It is the largest of the dual purpose chicken and eventually excels as a meat chicken and a fairly good laying hen. When grown the black feathers take on a green sheen within the black color. These chickens were admitted to the American Standard of Perfection in 1922 and both varieties (whites and blacks) are noted for willow colored or nearly black legs and toes. We offer this chicken breed in a production line and not a show line.

The males will grow to 11-14 pounds in weight with the Cackle Hatchery blood line..

Newbie notes: There are some white feathers in their 1st and 2nd stage feathering which is normal but by the 6th month they are solid black feathers.

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