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Birdhouse/Bottleneck Gourd Seeds

Birdhouse/Bottleneck Gourd Seeds

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130 days from direct sowing.

This smooth-skinned, nicely-rounded green gourd is just crying out to be a crafts project! Perfect for birdhouses, this Lagenaria (bottle-shaped) type is as fun after harvest as it is to grow. Very easy and heavy-bearing, the Birdhouse Gourd is ideal for families, class projects, and craftspeople of all types!

SImply direct-sow the seed in a sunny spot after the soil has warmed up in spring. From mid to late summer you will "harvest" plenty of 12- to 15-inch gourds from vigorous vines reaching 40 feet tall! For best shape, support the vine with a trellis, fence, or other vertical fixture, so the gourds hang down with no "flat side." 

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