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8oz Red Barn Naturals Beef Cuts

8oz Red Barn Naturals Beef Cuts

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Redbarn Beef Cuts Freeze-Dried Dog Treats would make any meat connoisseur jealous! These all-natural treats were made in the USA with protein-packed beef and no artificial additives. The way the Beef Cuts were created allows them to maintain high nutritional value so your canine companion receives a chew that aids in muscle development. You can use these delicious gluten-free and grain-free treats as a training tool, on-the-go snack or meal topper for whenever your pooch is being a picky eater!

Key Benefits:

  • Treats contain no artificial additives because your best bud can taste the difference.
  • These treats are high in protein to encourage positive muscle development.
  • Made in the USA from all-natural beef.
  • Free of grain and gluten, making them ideal for your pal who suffers from a sensitive stomach.
  • Paw-fect for use as a kibble topper or as a training tool.
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