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antler boost



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If you want an economical feed that gives good performance, look no further than Antler Boost 16%. This feed can be made in several different ways that yield fat levels of 11% and higher. For spin feeder customers the ingredients we use are whole corn, sunflowers, and pearl millet. For trough and gravity feeders, we use peanut pellets, sunflowers, pearl millet, and also our proprietary super clean cottonseed. We can remove the cottonseed if the customer requests. We can also substitute whole corn for the peanut pellets as desired.

AB 16% is going to be priced competitively with whole corn by the bag but with much higher quality protein sources as well as 11% fat versus 4% in whole corn. Also has excellent fiber sources that are so important to maintaining rumen pH and increasing the health of your deer herd. Many customers switch to the AB 16% in September of each year and feed it through the winter until March when they swap to the 24/7 or Monster 32% formulas. Yes, there are customers that feed the 16% feed year round.

Antler Boost makes it affordable to feed a high quality feed year round through the development of our AB 16% - give it a shot and your deer will thank you for it this winter!

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