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antler boost

50lb Antler Boost 24-7

50lb Antler Boost 24-7

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AB 24/7 not only means you should feed it 24-7-365 but it also means that it contains 24% protein and a guaranteed 7% fat which are incredible levels for an All-Natural whole grain feed. This feed replaced our original AB 21% because we can simply produce this feed in-house at an incredible price point while you are getting a much more powerful feed nutritionally.

This formula is comprised of our Proprietary whole cottonseed as well as whole corn and soybeans. We call that the Holy Trinity and your deer herd will feel like they have gone to heaven for sure! The energy is through the roof on this feed and the nutrition is close to our original Monster 28% formula – well above our original AB 21% formula. Being 100% whole grains, this feed will go through any feeder including spin feeders! No pellets means no dust and no mess. Like our Monster 32% mix, this feed has incredible weather resistant capability.

In case you haven’t gotten a chance to check out the Feed Specs page regarding the fiber on the whole cottonseed, I will give you a quick primer. Pellets have extremely short fiber length because the fiber source has to be ground finely through a hammermill to go through the pellet mill. Some pellets just don’t have much fiber in them as well. Our whole cottonseed provides a super high quality fiber source that has excellent length because it is a whole grain and not put through a hammermill. Longer fiber stimulates microbe activity in the rumen (stomach) and this stabilizes pH. Stable pH = healthier deer and healthier deer = better growth.

Antler Boost feeds are the only feeds on the market that utilize whole cottonseed in a flowable product because of the processing that we put the whole cottonseed through to make it flow correctly through deer feeders. Whole cottonseed is the only product on the market that can provide the correct fiber source that deer need year round. We have only witnessed one other company in Texas selling whole cottonseed but it must be stuffed into a wire mesh feeder that is frankly a pain to use.

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