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50 lb. LADINO CLOVER(coated)

50 lb. LADINO CLOVER(coated)

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50 Lb. Ladino Clover

White clover is a perfect companion with Perennial Ryegrass but also works well with Orchardgrass and Tall Fescue. For combinations with Italian Ryegrass and Annual Ryegrasses, red clover is a better choice. White clover does well on most soil types, however pH of the soil is rather important. The pH should be at least 6.0. Adequate levels of calcium, phosphorus and potash are also very important. If a ruminant eats too much white clover, there is a chance of bloat. In order to prevent bloat, a maximum of 40% white clover in a pasture should be respected. If the animals are fed other non-bloating forages (e.g. hay, corn, cornsilage) besides the clover, the risk of bloating significantly decreases. Most accidents occur with the following herds: heifers, dry cows or sheep that don't get other forages besides grass and white clover. It is important to keep your pasture grazed or clipped during maximum grass growth. By reducing grass growth, you reduce the shade that the white clover will receive. Maintain a pasture height of 3 to 9 inches.

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