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40" Ez Reacher or as AGC calls it, "The Covid Hand Holding Device!"

The KingTongs is designed for many outdoor uses such as picking up the morning newspaper (even works with bigger Sunday editions), pine cones, stones, twigs or sticks from in front of your lawn mower, picking apples, oranges and other fruit, changing outdoor light bulbs, even removing dead birds or other small animals.

  • Shaft and handle are ALL BLACK
  • 36" & 44", also available 72"- and 104" (nearly 9 ft) models (with slip joint for easy shipping and storage) lengths
  • Stainless steel "fingers" are 20% stronger - weighs 11.1 & 12.5 oz - jaw opens 4.5" - Picks-up to 8 lbs - Replaceable rubber cups
  • The two most popular lengths are: The 36" length is great for walking around picking up litter and the 44" works well to clear your path of litter while riding a mower or tractor.
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