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32OZ Drexel Fome-Kill Defoamer

32OZ Drexel Fome-Kill Defoamer

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Fome-Kil® is an anti-foaming and de-foaming agent used as an additive to control foaming of agricultural chemicals. Under normal conditions Fome-Kil® will perform adequately at a rate of 1 oz per 100 gallons of water however, if adverse conditions are present it may be necessary to adjust the amount used.

Product Features:

  • Apply directly to spray solutions in a pre-mix application, while a tank is being filled to control foam formation or to control existing foam
  • Controls foaming action of wetting agents, pesticides and other water based solutions
  • Principle Functioning Agent: Dimethylpolysiloxane
  • Common Use Rate: 1 fl. oz. per 100 gals. solution
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