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24-D Weed Killer Pt

24-D Weed Killer Pt

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Hi-Yield 2, 4-D Selective Weed Killer is a curative liquid concentrate herbicide that controls various broadleaf weeds and other noxious plants that are susceptible to its active ingredient. Perfect to use in drainage ditch banks, pastures, lawns, on-crop areas, ponds, and on turfgrass in lawns, cemeteries, golf courses, parks, and other grassy places. It is best applied during warm weather on established lawns when weeds are actively growing. Proven to control broadleaf weeds such as nettle, plantains, alder, poison ivy, bitterweeds, elderberry, chickweeds, ground ivy, sumac, honeysuckle, water lily, wild onion, and wild carrot. For more better results, some species like perennial sowthistle, blue lettuce, bindweed, bur ragweed, and Canada thistle may require more than one application. Note that restrictions may apply to aquatic weed control in your area. Make sure not to apply when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit or winds exceed 15 mph. Available in a 32-oz. bottle.

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