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20lb First Saturday Lime

20lb First Saturday Lime

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First Saturday Lime

World’s Strongest and Safest Insect Barrier Product

First Saturday Lime is the strongest and safest pesticide alternative on the market.  It will NOT burn you or your animals, yet is strong enough to dry up insects, their eggs and larvae.

This is nature’s formula – an EASY solution that repels pests and protects the lives of loved ones, animals, gardens and our earth.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • Eco-Friendly.
  • Patent-pending.
  • Organic pest barrier. Just pour around the base of your home once a month for insect control.
  • Safe for children, pets, animals and organic farming
  • Treats ants, fleas, ticks, lice, mites, aphids, small hive beetles, mosquitoes in water and more.
  • STRONGER and SAFER than diatomaceous earth.
  • Control algae growth in water bowls, pans, troughs, bird baths, and more.
  • A safe, naturally protective barrier with multiple uses that include chicken coops, stables, barns, kennels, gardens, sheds, and more.
  • Use as a limewash for walls, crafts, coops, fruit, and trees
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