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2.4CF Koop Clean Chick Bedding

2.4CF Koop Clean Chick Bedding

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KOOP CLEAN™ Chicken Bedding​

Superior Hay/ Straw Blend Chicken Bedding for a Fresh, Happy Flock

KOOP CLEAN chicken coop bedding is not your everyday chicken bedding. Specially formulated using only ingredients from the earth, KOOP CLEAN offers a unique blend of chopped hays and straw, combined with the superior odor neutralizing ingredient Sweet PDZ ™, leaving you with a happy flock and a fresh, dry coop all year round.


Specially Formulated to Be a Step Ahead
of the Rest

Our special blend offers more than your standard chicken coop bedding. First of its kind on the market, KOOP CLEAN with odor-neutralizing Sweet PDZ is designed to address the major concerns of your coop including moisture, smell, insulation, and waste. Learn about the unique benefits of KOOP CLEAN.

The KOOP CLEAN Small Space Advantage

KOOP CLEAN chicken coop bedding cleans up when it comes to small space flocks, urban chicken coops, mini-coops, backyard and no-land coops, and spaces with nearby neighbors.

  • Uniquely formulated with Sweet PDZ to eliminate smell
  • Easy to purchase individual bags
  • No-break bags for clean transport
  • Streamlined dumping. Ready to use in the garden immediately after the coop – no waiting!
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