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32oz Aquasweep

32oz Aquasweep

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Aquasweep Aquatic Herbicide

Aquasweep Aquatic Herbicide, with dual active ingredients is a selective herbicide. It controls emergent, floating and submerged aquatic weeds. It is also labeled for brush and weeds on roadsides, ditchbanks, rights-of way, and pastures. As a selective herbicide it targets such brush and broadleaf weeds as ash, poison ivy, chickweeds, docks, dandelion, honeysuckle, plaintain, and many other listed weeds. This broad-spectrum herbicide works effectively alligator weed and water hyacinth as an aquatic herbicide, but conveniently may be applied to terrestrial locations with excellent control of pennywort and shoreline brush.

Top Features

  • Liquid premix with full terrestrial and aquatic use
  • Broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds, trees and brush
  • Control of emergent, floating and submerged aquatic weeds
  • Peace-of-mind during selective weeding applications that are interspersed with aquatic and wetland areas
  • Selectivity for grasses, allowing excellent recolonization
  • Product Brochure

Aquatic sites:

  • Weeds and brush on banks of non-irrigation canals and ditches: 44 to 88 oz/acre for annual weeds. 88 oz/acre for biennial, perennial and susceptible woody plants.
  • Emergent and floating weeds (hyacinth, alligator weed): 88 to 175 oz/acre.
  • Submerged weeds: Up to 3.88 gallons/acre foot.

Terrestrial sites:

  • Pasture and rangeland: Maximum of 2.75 pints/acre for annual and biennial weeds
  • Maximum of 5.5 pints/acre on perennial and woody species.
  • Roadsides/ROWs/Fencerows: 2.5 to 3.5 pints/acre.
  • See label for complete directions for use.
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