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1lb Alfalfa-Molasses Nugget Horse Treats

1lb Alfalfa-Molasses Nugget Horse Treats

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  • Small enough to fit in your pocket for treating at home or on-the-go.
  • These scrumptious treats make a great gift for the mane man in your life!
  • Each treat contains added vitamins and minerals to support your horse’s overall health.
  • Pocket-sized horse treats are great for rewarding, training, stretching and pampering.
  • No horse can resist this treats’ lip-smacking alfalfa and molasses flavor!

Treat your mane man to Manna Pro Bite-Size Nuggets for Horses! These bite-sized snacks make a nutritional treat or reward for your horse. Horses absolutely love these alfalfa and molasses-flavored treats—and with added vitamins and minerals, you’ll love giving them! Each tasty, pocket-sized bite is perfect for training, rewarding, stretching and pampering your horse on any occasion. They’re so good, your hay baby will treat you to a nicker whenever you open the bag!

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