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15OZ Bonide Wasp & Hornet Killer Aersol

15OZ Bonide Wasp & Hornet Killer Aersol

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Product Overview

Bonide Wasp and Hornet Killer Aerosol is an aerosol spray for flying insects such as wasps, mud daubers, hornets, yellow jackets, and carpenter bees. This spray contains three main and active ingredients that will provide an instant and potent knockdown and kill with residual power. This agile and swift kill aerosol may be applied or sprayed in areas such as under eaves, screens, around window frames, doors, patios, cracks, holes, and where these stinging insects are seen outdoors. This spray may be sprayed straight into a nest for a full knockdown of the entire nest. One of the active ingredients, Permethrin, leaves a residue to inhibit and prevent adult insects from re-entering into the site of the in order to reproduce. This process, later on, kills the entire colony.

Product Documents

  • Active Ingredient Permethrin 0.25% Piperonyl butoxide 0.5% Tetramethrin 0.1%
    Target pests Wasps, Hornets,Yellow Jackets, Mud Daubers and Carpenter Bees
    For use in Under eaves, screens, window frames, doors, patios, cracks, holes or crevices wherever insects are noticed, outside plumbing, faucets, and cracks or crevices in foundation up to a maximum height of 3 feet, as well as along sills and ledges
    Application Hold can upright and point spray opening toward nest with the wind at your back
    Spray until the nest is thoroughly saturated to kill the entire nest population
    Wait at least 24 hours before removing the nest
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