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1 Gal Total Vegetation Control RM43

1 Gal Total Vegetation Control RM43

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RM43 Total Vegetation Control


RM43 43% Glyphosate plus weed preventer offers control of over 150 varieties of grasses, weeds, brush, vines and trees for up to a year. Simply apply once and watch it kill existing vegetation and prevent future growth all season long.

RM43 is your solution for total vegetation control on bare ground or for spot control of brush, vines and over 150 weeds, including kudzu, poison ivy and poison oak. It kills existing weeds and prevents future growth on walkways, roadsides, fence lines and any place you want to keep free from invasive plants. RM43 is a combination of two herbicides and surfactant. It is rain fast in two hours and there are no entry restrictions to sprayed areas for pets or people after the spray has dried. The time is now to keep your property free from unwanted growth. Apply RM43 today and get the protection you desire for up to a year. 
  • Apply to actively growing brush, vines and weeds.
  • Woody brush and vines are controlled better in late summer and fall after fruit formation.
  • If woody vines and brush are mowed or cut, wait until full leaf formation before treatment.
  • Do not cut or mow brush, vines or perennial weeds for 2 months following treatment.
  • Maximum application rate of this product is 2.5 gallons per acre per year (7.4 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. per year).
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