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1 Gal Cattleman's Classic Kansas City BBQ Sauce

1 Gal Cattleman's Classic Kansas City BBQ Sauce

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Cattlemen's Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce is packed with bold flavor, and this product has a reputation for quality, performance and legendary taste. Kansas BBQ will transform everything from meat to vegetables with its tangy, sweet flavor. Regardless of what you add it to, you'll enjoy the easiest way to infuse some regional flair your customers will love into your menu. Achieving this superior taste and performance starts with the tomatoes. This award-winning Kansas City barbeque sauce only uses the finest, ripest tomatoes harvested when they reach their peak of freshness. These tomatoes are then made into a thick paste and combined with vinegar, molasses and sugar and a blend of natural hickory smoke and spices. The result is a thick BBQ sauce that's bold and balanced. Cattlemen's BBQ sauce is crafted especially with culinary professionals in mind. Each 1-gallon jug comes ready to use right out of the bottle. It offers exceptional coverage and cling, making it easy to use on foods like wings, pork, chicken and more. Because it's blended without starches and fillers, it won't burn. Plus, this Kansas BBQ sauce is extendable by 20%, so it makes an excellent speed-scratch solution whenever you want to make your own signature sauces. Having bulk BBQ sauce on hand means you'll always be ready to create sweet, savory menu items. The rich flavors pair well with meats like pork, chicken, turkey and beef. Whether you're making some pulled pork flatbreads or chicken wings, the rich, smoky taste will keep your customers coming back. You can even use it to craft dips and sauces that bring your signature dishes to life. Along with adding craveable tanginess and thickness, Cattlemen's BBQ sauce is made without caramel color, starches, fillers, peanuts, tree nuts and soybeans. This product is kosher, vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free. Use a delicious, pre-made sauce that you can feel good about serving.
  • TANGY, SWEET FLAVOR: Cattlemen’s Kansas City Classic BBQ Sauce infuses meats with a balanced blend of robust tomato, tangy vinegar, sweet sugar, aromatic molasses, natural hickory smoke and premium spices customers will keep coming back for
  • CAREFULLY SELECTED, PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Made using only the finest tomatoes that are grown by the best farmers and harvested at their peak to ensure optimal freshness and flavor; unparalleled global sourcing ensures consistent quality
  • BLENDED FOR CHEFS: Crafted for culinary professionals, this Kansas BBQ sauce delivers exceptional coverage, cling and consistency in the kitchen; this sauce is ready for use as-is, so you can make fantastic barbeque faster than ever
  • VERSATILE REGIONAL TASTE: Enhances existing flavors and adds some regional flair to BBQ pork, wings, chicken and flatbreads and more; an essential condiment for main courses, side dishes and snacks; dip or drizzle any dish you'd like
  • FEEL GOOD BBQ: Made without caramel color, starches, fillers, peanuts, tree nuts or soybeans; kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free; enjoy plenty of classic barbecue favorites with a delicious bulk BBQ sauce you can rely on
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