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1.5LBS Hi-Yield Root Killer

1.5LBS Hi-Yield Root Killer

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About Hi-Yield 33481 Root Killer 1.5 lbs.: Use to clear out sewer lines, septic tanks and drain fields. Will not harm trees, shrubs, sewer or drain pipes. Formulated to quickly and economically kill and dissolve fungus and roots from trees and shrubs.About Hi-Yield: Hi-Yield is the most competitively priced, complete line of fertilizers, weed killers, fungicides and pesticides in the nation. With over 150 items, Hi-Yield has been helping homeowners, farmers and ranchers to economically maintain healthy lawns, gardens, crops and livestock for 50 years. Made by VPG Inc., in Bonham, Texas, USA, we have existed to strengthen, empower and support locally owned merchants.
  • This root and fungus killer breaks down and dissolves root and fungus under ground.
  • Root Killer 1.5 lbs
  • Great for clearing out underground areas of sewer lines, septic tanks and drain fields.
  • Apply 1/3 of the container into a toilet bowl. Flush and repeat until all crystals have flushed.
  • Kills the roots that have entered the pipe lines without harm to trees and shrubs outside the sewer.
  • Repeat application every 3-4 months.
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