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The Nutrena SafeChoice Special Care Horse Feed is a low controlled starch formula for horses with metabolic concerns and easy keepers. If you are looking for a corn-free product, this special care horse feed is the perfect choice. This horse feed also contains lower levels of starch and sugar than the SafeChoice Original for nutrition.

  • Contains lower levels of starch and sugar than SafeChoice Original
  • Makes buying feed easy and feeding convenient
  • Calorie-rich fats from vegetable oil, guaranteed amino acid levels to support muscle development and maintenance, plus added prebiotics and probiotics to aid in nutrient digestion
  • Pelleted to reduce sorting and enhance digestibility of nutrients critical to horse's health and performance
  • Balanced energy feed formulated without corn or corn co-products
  • Organic Trace minerals for immune support, increased bioavailability and improved skin, hair and hoof quality
  • Specially designed to address concerns about metabolic issues related to starch intake
  • Scientifically balanced to meet nutritional requirements of maintenance, horses with metabolic concerns, easy-keepers, miniatures and ponies
  • Horse feed comes in a 50 lb. package
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