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16oz Bentley's BBQ Brew

16oz Bentley's BBQ Brew

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Bentley’s Barbeque Brew History

Drawing from our Georgia roots and recipes, our family began making Barbeque Sauce 25 years ago and giving it away as a Christmas present to our friends. People have been saying for years “You need to sell this” and “Can we have the recipe”.  As our family has grown we were making Barbeque sauce all year long and giving it away for free.  Finally it became too expensive and we took their advice, and here it is.

Our Name for our Barbeque Sauce

We decide to call our Barbeque Sauce Bentley’s Barbeque Brew in honor of our wonderful dog (83 lbs. Boxer/Mastiff) named Bentley that we adopted from a pound. He loves BBQ.

Because of our love for Bentley and where we found him, we donate a portion of the proceeds to local Humane organizations in support of spay/neuter programs and dog rescue.

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