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Covers up to 1/2 acre
Buckmasters Ultimate Wildlife Seed Mixture contains Pennington's exclusive clovers such as Durana and Patriot which are University tested and proven to last up to three times longer than conventional Ladino white clovers. Durana and Patriot are two powerhouse white clovers, blended with a variety of super-high protein plants to include, Choice Chicory, Red and Crimson Clovers, and Arrowleaf Clover.

This mixture of ingredients will provide a year-round food source for wildlife with over 38% protein that can last for years without replanting. Buckmasters Ultimate is pre-inoculated so you can simply sow and grow your Ultimate, high protein food plot for the biggest, healthiest deer possible!
Available Product Size: 4 lb.

Feeding Frenzy

Covers up to 1/2 acre
Buckmasters Feeding Frenzy is a seed mixture designed to germinate quickly, grow fast and hold whitetails around your food plot for the entire hunting season. A combination of tender small grains, winter hardy rye, brassicas, sweet winter peas and re-seeding high protein clovers are specifically formulated in the correct percentages to ensure that deer can utilize each plot at its maximum potential.

After planting Feeding Frenzy, the oats will germinate first and quickly grow, luring deer from surrounding areas to your food plot. The other ingredients will germinate and begin to mature soon after. The time tested sweet winter peas will provide a highly desirable forage which will continue to attract deer to your hunting area.
Available Product Size: 25 lb.

Durana White Clover

Type: Cool season perennial legume
Adaptation: From Eastern Texas and Oklahoma across the South to the Atlantic coast and north along a line from Macon, GA to Dallas, TX. Durana persists well under grazing.
Uses: Durana is highly persistent under grazing and is best used to enrich existing, unimproved cool or warm season grass pasture, especially if ridding a pasture of toxic fescue is not an option. Excellent for grazing fall through early summer.
Benefits: Research and ranch experiences repeatedly demonstrate the superior feed value of a white clover-grass mixture compared to grass alone. Improvements in conception rates, milk production, calf weaning weights, daily gains and animal health can be realized. Durana-grass mixtures may also be used for high-quality hay or silage.
Available Product Size(s): 25 lb

 Patriot White Clover

Type: cool season perennial Wildlife Dealers
Uses: RackmasterŪ Patriot White Clover is another new white clover on the market for whitetail deer management. Patriot is a cross between Durana and a ladino type. It was developed by Dr. Joe Bouton, University of Georgia, to be very productive forage and persist under grazing pressure, tolerate acidic soils, compete aggressively with weeds and grasses and to tolerate low management situations. Patriot is pre-inoculated and lime coated for easy seeding and optimal nitrogen fixation.
Planting Date: Sept. - Oct. and Feb. - April
Rate: 8 lbs./acre or 1/4 lb./1000 sq.ft.
Best For: Deer, Turkey, Rabbit and Quail
Available Product Size: 25 lb.

 Rackmaster Refuge

Type: cool season mixture of annual and perennial seed
Uses: RackmasterŪ Refuge is a fall and spring planted seed mixture of annual greens, perennial clover and chicory that will provide an abundant high protein diet for deer, turkey and other wildlife. Refuge mixture is an easy to plant mixture that will thrive on most any soil type for years to come. Refuge makes an ideal food plot that will germinate quickly to provide immediate high protein food supplies to fill the nutritional gaps found in nature. With fast germination and immediate forage production, your plots will start feeding wildlife days after germination and continue feeding throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer months because of the staggered growth habits of the different plants in this mixture.
Planting Date: Sept. - Oct. and Feb. - Apr.
Rate: 20 lbs./acre or 1/2 lb./1000 sq.ft.
Best For: Deer, Turkey, Rabbit and Quail
Available Product Size: 5 lb.

 Rackmaster Deluxe Fall Mixture

Type: cool season annual seed mixture
Uses: RackmasterŪ deluxe fall mixtures contain many annual grasses mixed with annual legumes for attracting deer, quail, and turkey. These fall mixes are regionally developed to provide the best plantings your money can buy for your area. These cool season plots are important to help your deer herd build up the carbohydrates needed as stored fat to survive the harsh winter months. Maintaining good body condition through the rut and the winter stress season will mean the difference in your overall management program. Wintergrazer 70 rye, Arrowleaf clover, Crimson clover, wheat, oats, and Austrian winter peas are just a few of the ingredients you may find in the regionally developed RackmasterŪ mixtures.
Planting Date: Sept. - Oct.
Rate: 100 lbs./acre or 2 1/2 lbs./1000 sq. ft.
Depth: 1/4"
Best For: Deer, Turkey, Rabbit and Quail
Available Product Sizes: 25 lb. and 50 lb.

Rackmaster Clover Trio

Type: cool season perennial legume blend
Uses: RackmasterŪ Clover Trio is ideal for planting a perennial food plot for deer and turkey. This clover blend is a combination of white large leaf (ladino) clovers that will provide high animal nutrition. It is a pre-innoculated seed blend that is widely adapted and should last for up to 5 years if properly maintained.
Planting Date: Sept. - Oct. and Feb. - Apr.
Rate: 8 lbs./acre or 1/4 lb./1000 sq.ft.
Depth: 1/4" maximum
Best For: Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, and Quail
Available Product Sizes: 5 lb. and 25 lb.

Rackmaster Trophy Radish 

RackmasterŪ Trophy Radishes is one of the newest and Best food plot Brassicas on the market.  Trophy Radishes are great planted alone or they make an ideal companion species.  This fast growing Radish produces huge yields both above and below the ground. Once the Radish dies in the winter, the plant turns into rich organic matter and releases nitrogen to improve your soil.

Deer readily eat top growth and the root
High yielding and highly preferred by deer
Improve soil tilth and fertility
Protein ranging from 20% to 43%
Over 5000 lbs/ac production in tops and over 2000lbs/ac in roots
Plant anywhere 30 days before 1st frost

Rackmaster Deer Greens

Type: annual forage
Uses: Deer Greens is a combination of annual rape, kale and turnip that will provide an abundant mass of green leafy plants that are very attractive to deer in the fall and winter months. Many hunters will add Deer Greens in small quantities (2 lbs./acre) to a fall mixture of grass and clover to provide a fast growing, attractive component to their mixture. Deer Greens become even more attractive after a frost because the sugar content becomes more concentrated. Deer greens work well by themselves or make a great addition to a mixture.
Planting Date: Aug. - Oct.
Rate: 10 lbs./acre or 1/2 lb./1000 sq.ft.
Depth: 1/4"
Best For: Deer, Turkey and Rabbit
Available Product Size: 5 lb.


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