Mission Statement:  
It is the goal of Arnall Grocery Company to carry on an honest family business in the footsteps of my father and to have loyal employees who care for the customers. 
We sell feed, seed, fertilizers, concession items, paper and janitorial items as well as lawn and garden, seasonal plants and a forty year tradition of bulk Christmas candy, beginning in November of each year. Local honey and jams and hard-to-find syrups are among the treats you will find here at Arnall Grocery Company.
-Jimmy Beavers, Owner and President






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While it lasts.... 40 lb. dolomitic pelleted limestone, 10 or more bags at $3.25 per bag.This price will be hard to beat  AND you don't have to load it yourself!


Nature's Best Organic Chicken Feed 


We have available their Scratch, Chicken Growing and  Laying Pellet.

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http://www.organicfeeds.com/what-is organic

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It is time to feed the birds and outdoor critters!

  Come by and check out the new bird houses and feeders. Then select a bird seed to attract the birds you enjoy watching. We have several wild bird mixes and 50# of Black Oil Sunflower for only $24.95.  


For the other outside guests that have come to visit we also carry Critter Dinner, Corn On The Cob and Deer Chow.



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